Who We Are

Carroll Insurance Agency assists businesses and individuals in managing and protecting their assets. We navigate the ever evolving insurance industry for our clients and provide them with information that is both understandable and allows for good decision making.

We act as an integrated partner to develop the right risk management strategy. We provide business insurance, employee benefits, and other risk management products and services in a consultative approach that allows companies to make informed and effective decisions around protecting assets and enhancing human resources. We work with numerous carriers to find the right solutions for specific needs and leverage strategic carrier relationships that allow us to offer improved terms, conditions and pricing that directly benefit our clients.


How Carroll is Different

Carroll takes risk management and benefits seriously. We also recognize that the insurance industry, client industries, and clients themselves are always changing. Because of these dynamics we meet with our clients every year regarding the go-forward risk management strategy and use this strategy to drive a strong risk management program for clients through improved terms, conditions, and pricing.

We provide support when losses occur and actively drive claim closure. Active claim management helps mitigate unnecessary premium variations due to forgotten or poorly managed claims. We analyze losses financially to find actionable trends that allow clients to make informed decisions about safety and risk management. After working to deliver a strong insurance and risk management program we advise clients as to how they can better integrate business operations and risk management. This type of collaboration reduces our client’s unnecessary exposure to risks and allows us to drive better results through the insurance renewal.


Becoming a Client

Carroll looks for clients who are interested in a “trusted advisor” relationship. This is more than simply delivering insurance policies – we look to drive results that impact the total cost of your risk. We work for clients who believe in our risk management philosophy and share the same interest in protecting their own company’s assets, both physical and financial.

When a prospect is interested in working with Carroll we start by validating that there is a fit between our holistic approach to risk management and the clients goals and needs. We then analyze the company’s exposures, past insurance policies, and operations to complete a risk and insurance diagnostic. We deliver this work to prospects at no charge to help them understand our approach. When a potential client decides to partner with Carroll we go to work implementing the recommended changes from the diagnostics. Ultimately, we begin the process of driving a new strategy around risk management, loss management, and insurance terms and conditions.