Contractors Liability Insurance

Protection from inevitable accidents on the job site.

Let’s face it, accidents on a building site are inevitable. Even with the best of planning, when you have dozens of employees, investors, homeowners, real estate agents, and other visitors at any give moment, things can go wrong. The last thing you as the contractor want to see is a lawsuit due to an accident on your construction site. This is where a Contractors Liability Insurance policy can provide the necessary financial protection to complete the job.

Your Trusted Advisor

Let Carroll Insurance be your trusted advisor in finding coverage that can prevent your liability in these situations. A Contractors Liability Insurance Policy from Carroll Insurance can do just that. While these policies are often required to bid on a construction job, we want to make it easy to get covered and get down to business.

Contractors Insurance offers protection against lawsuits alleging injury, property damage, or theft at a construction site. These damages can be a result of negligence on the part of the contractor or can be related to completed or ongoing operations at the job site.

It’s important to note that depending on your situation, additional coverages like commercial auto insurance may also be purchased as necessary. Speak with an agent today to determine what’s appropriate for your situation.

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Many different people are visiting your construction site on a daily basis. It’s vital to your operation that you insure yourself from accidents or damage that you may be liable for on your property. A Contractors Insurance Policy from Carroll Insurance is designed to give you the protection you need for whatever happens next.

To learn more about our contractors general liability insurance policies, and to get started on your quote today, please call 281-656-3000 or request a call back from the button below. One of agents will connect with you as soon as possible to get you started.

To learn more about our contractors general liability insurance policies get started on your quote today.

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