Professional Liability Insurance Policies

Protect your company from inevitable mistakes or omissions.

Your clients rely heavily on your expertise. Whether that be financial advice, software development, or even legal advice, they rely on your extensive experience and knowledge in your particular industry to help deliver success for them. A Professional Liability Insurance policy protects your business from liabilities due to simply mistakes or omissions.

When a simple mistake or omission could cause your clients financial loss, your clients may look to you to take responsibility and make it right.

This is where professional liability insurance can cover you. Whereas General liability insurance policies usually cover only personal injuries or property damage for which your company would be responsible. Professional liability insurance policies go further by offering coverage for mistakes or errors made by you or someone in your organization.

Should your delivery not conform to the predetermined, contractual end-product, you can be held liable for breach of contract. Additionally, if you misrepresented yourself or your capabilities or offered poor advice to clients, a professional liability insurance policy can kick in and offer coverage for any lawsuits against you.

Getting Started with a Professional Liability Policy

Speak with a Carroll Insurance advisor today to learn more about Professional Liability Policies and see if one is appropriate for your situation. To get started, please call 281-656-3000 or request a call back via the button below. One of our knowledgeable agents will connect with you as soon as possible to get you the protection you need to take care of business.

Speak with a Carroll Insurance advisor today to learn more about Professional Liability Policies.

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