Risk Management

Protect your business and your employees with Risk Management Techniques.

Risk Management is something we do every single day. One of the unique benefits of Carroll Insurance is our strength in helping clients effectively manage the risks associated with their business.

Every business is different, and as such, each business is exposed to different risks that  are becoming more complicated to avoid in today’s litigious environment. At Carroll Insurance we adapt and change to help protect our clients by offering an expansive line of risk management services and products to protect their unique operations.

Your Trusted Advisor

Our team of experienced professionals work together with your business to minimize their cost of risk. This can include retained losses, insurance premiums, and any administrative and risk management expenses, and intangible expenses. To achieve the lowest cost of risk, we analyze retained losses and develop loss forecasts. We design strategies that can minimize requirements and other expenses.

Our team of Risk Management Experts in Houston review contracts to identify potential issues. Since the structure of insurance and indemnity contracts can impact the design of clients insurance programs, we conduct an in-depth review of each contract to adapt and improve protection of our clients.

Risk Management Services Include:

  • Claim Services – We will assist you through the entire claims process providing superior services, reports and claim advocacy
  • Loss Control Services
  • Property Engineering – Our property loss control service provides assistance with protection programs and underwriting assistance
  • Safety Programs
  • Exposure – Our analysis includes the use of a proprietary exposure survey to help the client and Carroll better understand the breadth of potential exposures
  • Retention Levels – A critical factor, our analysis of the potential impact of losses with various retention levels
  • Benchmarking – Carroll Insurance provides analysis of a client’s insurance program with real time cost comparisons
  • Comprehensive Loss Analysis
  • Contract Review

Let’s Talk

Speak with a Carroll Insurance agent today about how to effectively manage the risks associated with doing business. To get started, please call 281-656-3000 or request a call back from the button below. One of our agents will connect with you as soon as possible.

Speak with a Carroll Insurance agent today about how to effectively manage the risks associated with doing business.

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