Commercial Auto Insurance

Protection to keep your business firing on all cylinders.

Carroll Insurance will assess and provide coverage for any and all corporate vehicles you use. Whether for shuttling employees, delivering product, or transporting equipment, a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy is a necessity to minimize the immense risk associated with operating the vehicles in your company’s fleet.

Let Carroll Insurance be your trusted advisor in identifying the ideal Business Auto Insurance Policy that fits your needs, for the right price. These policies typically include the basics that you would find in your personal auto insurance, but can be customized to cover the risks that are inherent in your business. We analyze a myriad of factors, including driving history, number of vehicles, and how often they are used, in order to establish into your risk profile. This helps us get you the most coverage for your money, without needless waste or glaring exposure.

Business auto insurance policy considerations

Your commercial auto insurance policy can be tailored to include coverage for a variety of different types of business-related vehicles, including:

Cars, vans, & pickup trucks
Tow trucks, dump trucks, & box trucks
Large trucks, including semis & flatbeds

Get started with a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy

Carroll Insurance is here to help you stay covered out on the road. We can prescribe the best commercial insurance program to fit your company’s needs, at a competitive price. Operating a commercial vehicle is an immense liability; to protect your Texas business, you must make sure that you are carrying the right level of coverage on all the vehicles in your fleet.