Professional Liability Insurance Policies

Protect your company from inevitable mistakes or omissions.

Your clients rely heavily on your expertise. Whether you offer financial advice, legal advice, software development, or simply your professional, paid opinion, your extensive experience and knowledge can be the difference between success and failure. When a simple mistake or omission causes your clients financial loss, they may look to you to make them whole. A Professional Liability Insurance policy protects your business from liabilities due to professional errors that may have far-reaching consequences.

For instance, should your delivery not conform to the predetermined, contractual end-product, you can be held liable for breach of contract. Likewise, if you’ve misrepresented yourself or your capabilities, or offered poor advice to clients, a professional liability insurance policy can step in and offer coverage for lawsuits against you.

Whereas General liability Insurance typically covers personal injuries or property damage for which your company is held responsible. Professional liability insurance policies go further by offering coverage for errors made by you–or someone in your organization–that may have less tangible, but just as severe effects.

Get started with a Professional Liability Policy

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