Contractors Liability Insurance

Protection from inevitable accidents on the job site.

In spite of immense care and attention to safety, accidents on a building site are inevitable. Even with the best of planning, with the sheer number of employees, investors, homeowners, real estate agents, and other project participants at any give moment, things can go wrong. The last thing you as a contractor need is a lawsuit due to an accident or mistake. A Contractors Liability Insurance policy can provide the necessary financial protection to cover losses, stay solvent, and get the job done.

Your Trusted Advisor

Let Carroll Insurance be your trusted advisor in identifying coverage that can protect your liabilities on a job site. A Contractors Liability Insurance Policy from Carroll Insurance is designed to cover the inherent risks of construction and building maintenance. It offers protection against lawsuits alleging injury, property damage, or theft at a construction site. Risk isn’t limited to the construction project–it extends long after work is completed. Such damages can be a result of negligence on the part of the contractor, or of a single employee; possibly one no longer associated with the company. 

While these policies are often required as a prerequisite just to bid on a construction job, they’re also critical for sustained risk management; keeping your business healthy and safe. They can be large and complex, but Carroll is expert at breaking it down into a tangible analysis and prescribing the right coverage.

It’s important to note that depending on your situation, additional coverages like commercial auto insurance may also be purchased, as necessary. Speak with an agent today to determine what’s appropriate for your situation.

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Many different people visit a construction site on a daily basis. It’s vital to your operation that you insure yourself from accidents or damage for which you may be held liable. A Contractors Liability Insurance Policy from Carroll Insurance is designed to give you the protection you need for whatever happens next.