Umbrella/Excess Liability

An affordable, added layer of protection against unexpected loss.

In an increasingly litigious society, lawsuits are common. Unfortunately, the average cost of a corporate lawsuit has expanded over the years, to the point that a company’s General Liability Insurance is often insufficient to cover all the related court costs, medical bills, and other expenditures that could result from an unfavorable judgment. In the event of a lawsuit, the remaining funds–above and beyond your basic coverage–have to come from somewhere. Instead of your bottom line, consider a Business Umbrella Insurance policy.

Also known as “excess liability insurance”, a Business Umbrella policy from Carroll Insurance will account for those otherwise-unaccounted losses, protecting your employees, investors, and profits. 

Commercial Umbrella Insurance covers:

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While you hope to never experience a corporate lawsuit, a commercial umbrella insurance policy is your saving grace should a lawsuit occur. Let Carroll Insurance be your trusted advisor in analyzing your particular situation, and determining how much coverage is needed according to your risk profile.