Commercial General Liability Insurance

Basic protection from financial risks associated with any business.

When you are managing employees, customers, suppliers, investors, merchandise, and machinery, the possibility of bodily injury and property damage is an ever-present risk. No Texas company is immune to the possibility of hazardous incidents, or the lawsuits that may follow. Commercial General Liability Insurance can provide a financial safeguard for your operations.

An important note: You should remain aware of the financial perils you can expose yourself to, by neglecting to obtain Professional Liability Insurance in addition to Commercial General Liability Insurance for your company. The commercial insurance experts at Carroll Insurance will make sure that you understand all the risks and will help you identify the right policy for you and your Texas business.

What Commercial General Liability Insurance covers

In short, Commercial General Liability Insurance protects your Texas business against the cost of bodily injuries or property damage caused by conditions at your building, operations in progress, and even completed operations. In addition, it covers costs related to advertising injury (e.g. slander and libel). Carroll Insurance will analyze your company’s perceived risks, as well as any previous legal history, to determine how much general liability coverage is appropriate for you. If your risk is considerable, we may recommend additional coverage in the form of a Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy.

Even if your organization’s perceived risk is low, you would be wise to purchase a Professional Liability Insurance plan to protect your assets in case of a highly unexpected but hazardous loss, such as a bodily injury accident, on your property’s premises. 

Get started on a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy

Carroll Insurance represents some of the best insurance carriers in the country. We can provide you with an optimal Commercial General Liability program that will fit your company’s needs at a competitive price. Carroll Insurance also offers Product Liability policies to cover any defects.

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