Renters Insurance

Safeguard your belongings and reduce your liability in a rental.

If catastrophe strikes a rental property, the owner’s insurance will cover damage to the structure. As a tenant, however, you’re on your own when it comes to your personal belongings and loss of use. In the event your things are damaged or destroyed, or the rental home becomes uninhabitable, this affordable, common sense policy will help you through the hard times.

What Renters Insurance covers

Available discounts

Protect Your Belongings

Your landlord’s insurance likely only covers the property itself, not your personal belongs. Renters insurance covers everything that could get damaged, from your clothes and furniture to electronics and kitchenware. You’ll be reimbursed the cost of new replacements for your losses, not just their depreciable value.

Liability Coverage

Your renters insurance policy includes medical payments coverage to help you pay for others’ medical bills if they are injured at your place. Coverage also exists to cover you in the event of a lawsuit for injury.

Hotels & Other Expenses

If your rental is temporarily unlivable, you’ll need a place to stay. Your renters insurance will pay your hotel expenses, and even reimburse you for your meals while you’re displaced.

Get started with a Renters Insurance Policy

Carroll Insurance is here to help protect you and your lifestyle when other insurance isn’t enough. We can provide strong renters insurance programs that will fit your needs at a competitive price.