Commercial Property Insurance

Quickly recover from a costly disaster, and get back to business.

A finely tuned business is a beautiful thing when conditions are predictable, but an unanticipated loss can quickly derail even the smoothest of operations. An accident, burglary, or natural disaster that damages your property, equipment, or inventory can cripple your operations. The cost of replacing valuable assets you’ve worked hard for could be too high to justify starting over. A Commercial Property Insurance policy will protect the fruits of your labor from disasters that happen at any time.

Commercial Property Insurance maintains the continuity of your business, and covers your physical assets against damage or loss, whether you own, rent, or lease them. Policies provided by Carroll, your trusted advisors, protect all types of commercial properties, including, but not limited to offices, warehouses, farms and ranches, manufacturing facilities, and retail and wholesale outlets.

Commercial Property Insurance protects against:

Note: Flood insurance is not generally covered in the typical commercial property insurance policy. Our representatives can help you determine the proper flood coverage, as well as any additional coverages you may need.

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